About Nicole

Thank you for visiting! The art you see on this website is the outflow of a lifelong adventure in color and beauty.

Here is the story…

Like most little children, I was a self-proclaimed artist. I used pencils, crayons, and paintbrushes with carefree abandon. The desire to draw and create things stuck with me throughout childhood. In high school, I chose art class as my elective all 4 years.

I had a very memorable art teacher those years. His name was Mr. Robert Worthington. He would pace around the room and talk about all sorts of life issues while keeping a sharp eye on our individual work and stopping to encourage and correct. He was so careful to notice each student’s unique style and viewed each of us as real, true artists!

It was at this time that I developed the peculiar habit of squinting at my subject matter! Mr. Worthington showed us how squinting reveals the darks and lights that make a composition sparkle.

20160726-KB097 500pxAs an art major in college, I took classes from Wayne Thiebaud, another unforgettable teacher. At a time of life when we (both students and faculty) were taking ourselves much too seriously and trying to be the conscience of society, Wayne Thiebaud was an exception.

Mr. Thiebaud was a “happy warrior” and pursued excellence and beauty in his painting with a passion. He had an infectious zest for life and used color boldly and unashamedly, yet with precision. His influence awakened something in me. I discovered the color-junkie that had been hiding deep in my heart all those years!

When marriage and family came, my artistic expression turned to the home arts. I soon discovered that I love to garden.

I took my first quilting class from Laura Nownes in the 80s. A few years later, I discovered watercolor or Impressionist quilting, and I was smitten! After having experimented with just about every art medium, I knew I had finally “come home.” The Impressionist painters of the 19th century had been my longtime favorites.nikki2

My garden quilts are inspired by these artists and my love for gardening. As I paint garden scenes with quilt squares, every principle of composition and color I learned years ago comes alive again.

I invite you now to take a few minutes to enjoy these scenes from a garden where the flowers are always in bloom. Let Beauty refresh and inspire your heart!

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