My garden quilts

  • Monet’s Front Door

    Monet’s Front Door

    I’m back at Monet’s house in Giverny, but this time I’m at the front door instead of looking through the window. (See my “Monet’s Window” quilt.) Covered with flowers and […]

  • Flower Heart

    Flower Heart

    One of my classic designs-a heart. Flowers and hearts-they just go together! Dimensions: 28″ x 29″ Price: $675 Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>

  • Flowered Privet Arch

    Flowered Privet Arch

    In my garden this arch started as a little volunteer privet stick. I just kept bending it over and made an arch out of branches to tie it to. Now […]

  • Secret Garden

    Secret Garden

    A brick wall covered with vines. An opening that looks like it leads somewhere. A bit of ancient mystery. Think of an old mansion in England. Dimensions: 37″ x 43″ […]

  • Pansy Wreath

    Pansy Wreath

    I love wreaths of all kinds! But this was my chance to design with my favorite fabrics, pansies, to make a rich symphony of color. Dimensions: 27″ x 27″ Price: […]

  • My Sweet Pea Row

    My Sweet Pea Row

    Every spring I grow sweet peas, but it seems that they are done too soon. That’s why I made this quilt! This is my spring garden, bustling with color and […]

  • Monet Window

    Monet Window

    My rendering of a bit of Monet’s pink and green house in Giverny. Vines cover the walls and flowers spill out of the window boxes. Dimensions: 35″ x 44″ Price: […]

  • Garden Shed Door

    Garden Shed Door

    Every garden has a shed to store away all the unseemly pots, tools and fencing. Covered with vines and surrounded with flowers, even a common shed becomes a work of […]

  • Garden Gate

    Garden Gate

    Walk along this path to my cheery, flowery garden gate and into a delightful little garden. Dimensions: 37″ x 45″ Price: $850 Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>

  • Flower Wreath

    Flower Wreath

    Not for sale.

  • Christmas Wreath

    Christmas Wreath

    My challenge with this quilt was designing with only 2 colors, red and green. For a color junkie like me it was difficult! Unavailable for sale.

  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    I love Caspari Christmas card scenes. Here, you are peeking through a living room arch at a Caspari Christmas. Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>

  • Latticework Fence

    Latticework Fence

    In the spring my latticework fence is covered with climbing roses, with a colorful iris bed in front. Quite a transformation from the bare fence and ground of wintertime! Interested […]

  • Sunset in a Wildflower Meadow

    Sunset in a Wildflower Meadow

    The idea for this quilt came from a backpacking trip in Yosemite. We had just trudged up a steep trail and were greeted  by a beautiful meadow of Sierra wild […]

  • Sunflower Meadow through the Roses

    Sunflower Meadow through the Roses

    It would be rare to see sunflowers ablaze and roses blooming profusely at the same time. That’s the fun of planting a “quilt garden.” Interested in this quilt? Please inquire […]

  • Impressionist Heart

    Impressionist Heart

    Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>

  • Red Window Box

    Red Window Box

    This is a spring window box, when my climbing roses are abloom. Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>

  • Psalm 23

    Psalm 23

    The inspiration for this quilt was verse 2 from “The Shepherd’s Psalm,” which says, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside quiet waters.” Interested […]

  • Garden Path

    Garden Path

    Informal paths in the garden create interest and mystery. Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>

  • Green Window Box

    Green Window Box

    I love window boxes in the garden. In the winter, my window boxes are overflowing with pansies. Interested in this quilt? Please inquire here >>