About the Quilts


They are called “Watercolor” or “Impressionist” quilts because they are a combination of these two painting genres. “Watercolor” because the blending of colors across the quilt mimics the delicate,watery blending of colors in a watercolor painting. “Impressionist” because the quilts are impressions, not meant to be strict, realistic renderings of the subject. Much like the Impressionist painters of the 19th century (Manet, Monet, Renoir, VanGogh) who used short, swift brush strokes of color on canvas, the Impressionist quilter uses little two inch squares of all kinds of fabric to create a luminous drama of color across the quilt.

My “canvas” is a 4’by6′ design wall (a felt covered board) in my quilt loft where I can arrange and rearrange the quilt squares. My”palette” is trays and trays of little quilt squares, all separated into darks, mediums and lights. The fabric is first cut into 2″ strips, then squares. (If you’re thinking my fabric collecting borders on obsessive, you are right! I’m always on the look-out for new fabric colors,texture and design.)

Because I cut the fabric in random 2″ strips, each square is just a little different, which means each quilt I make is different, a unique work of art. I couldn’t copy one if I tried! I can make similar quilts with similar designs, but never exactly the same. This also means there can’t be any pattern for any of my quilts.

I never buy bargain fabric, but only the highest quality fabric from reputable quilt shops. My quilts come with sleeves on the back, ready to hang and are also”signed” with a handmade label on the back.

When you buy one of these quilts, you can have the confidence that you now own an original work of art, made with the highest quality of materials and lots of love!