Spring Bulbs


This year I splurged and planted some new daffodils as well as tulips.

This mix is called “Oh Pairs” from a company called Colorblends. They were stunning and stood up quite well in spite of the pounding rain we got this winter. All they need is plenty of sun and some decent garden soil.
Daffodils last for years and will multiply. You just need to separate them now and then because they won’t bloom if they are over-crowded. Also, planting them in a garden area that doesn’t get too much watering during the summer keeps them from rotting.


20170328-KB0074The tulips are also from Colorblends and are called “French Blend Rose”. And yes, they were gorgeous too! The same gardening conditions apply as for daffodils: plenty of sun and good dirt. Unfortunately tulips only bloom reliably for one season. A small percentage of them will rebloom, but most of the time you just get a bunch of leaves. So take a deep breath, be thankful for the beauty and joy they gave you, and toss them in your compost pile!



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